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Created on December 11, 1946, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has made efforts and is still making efforts till date to fight all forms of abuse against children, preventing and responding to all forms of violence; child trafficking, child expliotation, sex expliotation.

UNICEF intervenes in every community across the globe where vulnerable children are found, suffering from situations of conflict or natural disaster, that has caused most of them to move or be displaced, consequently lack basic needs, making them vulnerable to all forms of dangers.

The worst kinds of human rights violations exist in times of Conflict, especially as belligerent parties do everything to subdue the other, in this case there is bound to be a high level of abuse for women and to a greater extent children.

UNICEF is particularly touched by the situation of kids that live without familly care, living on the streets. Their goal is that government makes decisions that are influenced by an informed awareness of children's rights and improve on data centered on child protection issues.

UNICEF works with over 190 states worldwide, including Cameroon and has been able to provide nutrition, Protection, education, sanitation, and important health care services to children in the most trying times such as in conflict times.

It is important to identify the risk and protective factors, identify priority areas that need assistance from government. UNICEF has worked on planning and budgeting for effective child protection, proposing interventions and services, policies to best adress issues involving children.

Children faced with abuse are at increased risk of poor physical and psychological health. Most of these stories are under reported, because there are several situations of this nature in the Northwest and Southwest region, where there is an armed conflict ongoing.

UNICEF has been able in it's on way to support institutions working with children during the era of the dual crisis; armed conflict and COVID-19 in the English speaking regions; providing services, education and skills in order to develop a more healthier and safer environment for these children.

Data collection and monitoring tools in the area of child protection is one of the main domains UNICEF engages itself in: developing questionnaires, indicators and methods for gathering relevant information and reporting on child protection violations. It has a great database on children across it has or intends to reach out to.

UNICEF promotes the advancement of research through the development of joint projects and collaboration with academic institutions and other agencies working at the international and national levels in the area of child protection.

Journalists, CSOs and other key stakeholders have benefited from trainings piloted by UNICEF to talk on issues involving children , considering that most of them who fall prey to danger are minors.

UNICEF will remain impartial in its goal to reach out to children across the world and will continue to recieve, fund projects that go a long way to make children's lives better.

The current situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions, in the North region of Cameroon with the insurgency of Borko Haram, have caused many children to be in harm's way. The abuse on kids is very high according to data and statistics collected by some CSOs while on the field and UNICEF continues to roll out projects to counter this.

By Ndefru Melanie


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