Bamenda II Subdivision: Women Empowerment Centre Project Realized

The Women Empowerment Centre in Bamenda II Subdivision has been constructed, launched and handed over for public use, after it suffered arson attacks in May 2017 by suspected seperatists fighters.

Since the incident, activities at the centre has been running with numerous challenges, as there were no work tools to build skills in women and girls who visited the centre.

The new structure was officially handed by the Mayor of Bamenda II Council to the director of the center on Nov 11th 2021 and he urged the population to make maximum use of the services offered by the Bamenda Women's empowerment center.

The new building comes to solve the problem of congestion that was observed at the structure where administration was putting up before the new structure was realized.

"I am supposed to be working but i can't. We have just a needle here and I have to wait for my colleague to finish before i can do mine. You see us idling because the machines are either in short supply or bad" says Manka'a Mercy, a trainee at the center.

Mayor Peter Chenwi says this reconstruction project has been realized as one of the fruits of effective decentralization "this is from the 2021 budget of the Bamenda II council. The head of state Paul Biya is a man of his words. He said powers will be given to local councils and it's with such powers that we have reconstructed this center".

The centers coordinator Tendongmo Franklin says the center is better than it use to be as a toilet has been added to the facility "you know how important a befitting toilet facility is for a woman, we are happy one now exist at the center. There used to be non" said the director.

The Bamenda Women Empowerment center offers training in Catering and Hotel Management, Sewing, Decoration, Beads work and traditional dress embroidery.

Quotes from Mbuh Stella

By Ndefru Melanie


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