In Garoua: Youth Affairs Minister launches Distribution of Biometric Youth Cards

Taking place on November 25 at the esplanade of the services of the Governor of the North region, the delivery of installation material to young beneficiaries of the special three-year plan for young people in the North region and putting at their disposal Biometric cards, was key on MINJEC's agenda.

Local authorities answered present and witnessed MINJEC's Regional Delegate in the North accompany the Minister to visit facilities of the enrollment and production device of the biometric youth card in the North region.

Mounouna Foutsou, Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education urged youths to demonstrate patience and resilience in a context of insecurity exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic. 

"I invite you to dare, to explore innovative sectors, to get involved and to seize any local opportunity which is offered to you and to orient your projects towards the development of the great potential offered by the Northern Region" MINJEC.

Citing multifunctional centers for the promotion of young people (CMPJ), to inform and permit to take part in all programmed  actions and projects implemented by the government.

According to the Coordinator of the National Youth Observatory, the biometric youth card is a strategic management tool of the State. It is full of banking, security, identification and information.

It functions for young people, thus allowing all stakeholders in the support chain for young people to efficiently organize their respective interventions as well as the management of their resources,  intended for the economic promotion of youth.

To the young beneficiaries of the special three-year plan for young people from the North region who received during the ceremony, their installation materials in the Pioneer Villages and Clusters (VPC), the Minister asks them to show courage and economic patriotism after the doubt phase. 

“Be models for your peers who are in your footsteps, for your immediate environment and for Cameroon, your homeland. Get to work, because very soon, you will be called upon to repay these credits granted to you by the State", recommended Mounouna Foutsou.

According to statistics presented by the director of youth economic promotion of MINJEC, Abdoul-Karim Nassourou, 1,325 young people from the 2017-2018 vintages received installation equipment valued at CFAF 3.5 billion, of which CFAF 372,270,486 are intended to finance 121 youth projects in the North region for an estimated number of 363 direct jobs projected. 

In the same vein, 947 projects were financed during the month of January 2021. The North region benefited from the financing of 271 young project leaders, for an envelope of 464,813,500 FCFA. The number of jobs expected at the end of this funding process is 813.

By Ndefru Melanie

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