Recruitment of Local Language Teachers Announced at Groundbreaking Festival

At the Festival of Heritage of Arts and Cultures (FEHACU), Mayor Fonguh Cletus of Bamenda III Council announced that local language teachers will be recruited by council and deployed to teach in all public and mission schools within Bamenda III subdivision.

"The language of a people is their first identity, the Nkwen language committee have been doing alot to valorize our language. In a bit to Promote the Nkwen language, the council will be recruiting some teachers to teach the Nkwen language in all public and mission schools in the municipality come next academic year", Mayor Fonguh Cletus speaking at FEHACU.

He was speaking at the Nkwen Fon's Palace in Bamenda - North west region of Cameroon during a festival that pulled together an overwhelming crowd of sons and daughters of the soil, including lovers and promoters of culture within the region, to showcase talent in cultural display while preserving cultural values.

Traditional dance from Lebialem

The Albino Dance

The Festival's maiden edition, celebrated under the theme; "Our Culture bond of togetherness reconecting to our roots reviving cultural values and enhancing peaceful co-existence for socio - economic empowerment of Bamenda III", took place amidst the ongoing armed conflict, that could have impeded the grand activity, due the security challenges faced in the Northwest region.

Yet the local population took upon themselves, taking the bull by the horn and answered present in their numbers; with over 100 exhibitors at different stands and over 50 dance groups dignifying the event in flying colours.

The Fon of Nkwen and Mayor Fonguh Cletus of Bamenda III Council

Mayor of the Bamenda III Council in synergy with the Fon Of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III, transcending political limits, mobilized the local population to answer present at the Festival of Heritage, Arts and Cultures, which recorded a huge success. An example worth emulating.

The Fon of Nkwen Speaks to his people

In line with preserving cultural values of the Nkwen people, the Fon asked that children, youths within Bamenda III subdivision get involved with holiday classes that will be organized to teach the kids the mother tongue.

"To better enshrine cultural values into our children, the Nkwen language committee has organized holiday classes that teach the language and culture to kids, between 3 -14 years old in Bamenda, Yaounde and Douala". The Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III.

He revealed that thesame program will be extended to the regional headquarters to offer similar opportunities to Nkwen sons and daughters residing in other parts of the country.

The Mayor of the Bamenda III Council encouraged parents to send their children to the palace during holidays to learn the Nkwen language, while hoping that "same example will be copied in Ndzah as soon as the chieftancy crisis is resolved".

By Ndefru Melanie


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