In Ngaoundére: "Burkina, now a hub for Crime", Population Cry foul

The phenomenon of insecurity is developing at high speed in several localities in the Water Tower region of Cameroon. In order to curb this, the people in Burkina request for security watch, to curb the attacks the populations keep complaining about.

Burkina is a community in ngaoundéré I subdivision, being famous, popular and very populated.

Despite massive recruitments within the security and defense forces, residents of the city continue to be subjected to the dictates of armed robbers and several criminals; a situation which they urgently request the construction of a second police station.

Like many neighborhoods in Ngaoundéré, insecurity is growing with more and more cases of assault reported. This situation is more worrying in that, the residents do not have a local police unit.

Inhabitants are therefore obliged to travel more than 27 kilometers to go and deal with a case with the police units based on the shopping center, far off.

However, in recent years, the number of residents has greatly increased. Thus, the construction of a police station for the populations of that subdivision in Burkina becomes an emergency, to handle various legal cases and to alleviate the growing insecurity in the area, gradually becoming the domain of the aggressors.

This situation of insecurity, which no longer promotes living together in society, worries residents to the point of questioning the real role of the security forces, and the real purpose of the recruitments made in recent years in the Defense Forces, to the neighborhood.

By Katakap Heritier in Ngaoundére 

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