MeJU In Action; Installs New EXCO

Maiden AGM Holding in Yde

Created on August 14th 2015, pioneer members of the Menchum Journalists Union - MeJU begin to match words with action by setting up an organigram, a new EXCO to pilot the activities of the Union, produce a binding constitution that will enable her get an authorization to bring envisaged projects to lamplight.


An EXCO of 7 members was officially presented to other members association and to across section of Journalists in the corps, for recognition and future collaboration.


President - Cham Victor
Vice President - Ndefru Melanie
Secretary - Mua Patrick
Organizing Secetary - Theodore Mih Ndze
Public Relations - Chou Emmanuel
Financial Secetary - Doh James
Treasurer - Fung John

Outgone and Incoming President

In session

MeJU goes into action at a time when the armed conflict ongoing in the Northwest region has affected all divisions including Menchum Division, which now needs team efforts from sons and daughters of the soil to begin reach out for Peace strategies in different forms.

MeJU's National President

Cham Victor, Publisher for Newspapers widely read in Cameroon and beyond; The Municipal Updates and Chronicle Times, believes that the solution in achieving Peace is not a one man show but calls for collaboration from everyone.

"I am appealing that each and everyone gives support to the new MeJU EXCO, so that together we will be able in our little way contribute to Peace building and social cohesion in different parts of Menchum, which will spread to other parts of the Northwest region, hard hit by the ongoing conflict" Cham Victor, President MeJU.

Viban Jude

CAMASEJ's National President, Viban Jude assured MeJU of collaboration if need arise and was very particular about the need to synergize efforts to forge towards develoy and Peace, interestingly most members of MeJU are members of CAMASEJ, Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists.

"There are a proliferation of associations, unions with some of them at loggerheads amongst themselves, no unity and some break away or become threats to others. I wish to encourage the new MeJU EXCO to add efforts and contribute their quota towards making things get better back home, given the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region. And to tell them that CAMASEJ will call on her at any time need arises and vice versa, working in synergy for a common goal" Viban Jude.

Benedict Ndinwa

Chairing the Occasion, Benedict Ndinwa, Director of Communications at CAMTEL Cameroon, assured MeJU of juicy offers to support them while they seek to meet their objectives as a union. He was confident that MeJU will not be left out of the benefits or support the Camtel family offers to other associations.

President Emeritus

President Emeritus, Jam Charles felt confident about the new office put in place and revealed that he was convinced about greater, happy days ahead. He observed that the new team had the strength needed to take up task, challenges and produce results.

"We believe in MeJU, this union will coordinate and harmonize fruitful relationships amongst it's members, provide necessary material, create an enabling environment for it's members to carry out their practice smoothly" Jam Charles, Outgone MeJU President.

New EXCO Installed

Done in Yaoundé on Nov 20th 2021, Cham Victor has revealed that members will be attending their first workshop in 4months, to set the ball rolling on what is expected of them in terms of Community Development and Peace.

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By Ndefru Melanie


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