New EXCO Installed at Our Lady's Parish Bambili, Expectations are Bountiful

A new EXCO has been installed at the St Anthony of Padua Symphonic Choir, of the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Bambili. They will be charged to carry out activities that will foster works of evangelism.

According to the outgone President of the choir Sone Frankmore, they carried out numerous activities as a choir that served as evangelism to God's people

"Evangelism is all about going out, preaching and winning souls for God, but we cannot go out without doing so amongst ourselves. We will start within us, in the choir. On Saturdays we come for practice and at the end of the practice session with gospel sharing, as part of rehearsals for Sunday".

The President explained in order to help christians improve on their spiritual life; doing evangelism by visiting the sick, meeting with other choresters and christains, sharing the scriptures with them.

"St Anthony of Padua Symphonic Choir of the Our Lady of Fatima's parish Bible quiz for children, so that they too can learn about the scriptures that will inturn boost their spiritual life."

Activities of the choir was revealed at the Annual General Meeting which held on December 5th 2021 at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Bambili. The AGM held to evaluate the past year's activities and m

ake adjustments where neccessary.

The president elect, Chuye Jaspa told Civiclens that he believes in team work and know that alot can be achieved through tem spirit.

"I know that on my own I cannot do nothing, the spirit of God that directed each and everyone to choose me, will be the same spirit that will give me what I need to be and who I need to be".

"I am counting on the full collaboration of the newly elected EXCO, the entire choir and what their watch word says "Fear not".

During festive seasons, men of God, choresters in the different church denominationa are usually expected to accompany their christians to prepare themselves in different ways spiritually and for them to remain firm in faith.

By Banseka Mary-Stella
UBa Student

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