The Voice Newspaper @ Five: Awards Personalities Distinguished in Action

Colleagues Accompany The Voice cut Anniversary Cake

Celebrating 5 years of existence, The Voice Newspaper awards persons and Institutions whos work stand out amongst their peers, with great impact on society, between 2016-2021.

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Laureates like The Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union for being the most acclaimed financial institution, Prof. Victor Mabrika for being an innovative University promoter, Madam Bibiana Dighambong for being the most outstanding community peace crusader, Hon. Ngala Gerald for being the most Development oriented MP, Senator Buh Sule for being the most effective parliamentary representation amongst a host of others.

Host speaks to Invitees 

Randy Joe Sah, Publisher of the Voice Newspaper, trailed the paper from its roots and revealed that it had existed like a local newspaper-Menchum Voice which later evolved and went national for economic reasons.

"We started in our community in Menchum division and told stories of our place. Our people loved the stories we told through the paper at the time and no one complained about buying the paper at 500frs, which was more than the cost price of a newspaper", Randy Joe Sah.

Anniversary cake and Magazine

Besides the awards, the Voice Newspaper launched the maiden edition of its magazine, with content that got a cross section of readers and fans of the paper present at the anniversary to support management by getting copies.

Senator Buh Sule

Senator Buh Sule launched the magazine with a sum of 250,000frs Cfa, as more support streamed in for management at the Voice Newspaper to invest and get good content for its readers.

Publisher of The Guardian Post Newspaper

Colleagues, Publishers of other newspapers mobilized to give support in celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Voice Newspaper, who according to the Publisher of The Guardian Post feels The Voice merits a round of applauds.

"The Guardian Post is 20 years old and the Voice is 5years old but we are running on thesame frequency now. That tells you that when the Voice clocks 20, it will be something else...The Guardian Post panicks when the Voice publishes" Publisher of the lone English Daily, Ngah Khristain.

Cross section of the hall

Despite having the audacity to tell the truth, words from peers was an energizer for the Voice Newspaper to believe that it's management will continue to have support to be on the stands for Cameroonians and foreigners to read.

By Ndefru Melanie

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