Adamawa: MINEPAT Delegate Champions Fight Against Corruption

Bello Ahmadou, Regional Delegation for MINEPAT Adamawa sets out in the fight against corruption Adamawa, setting the module to record positive results on International Day against Corruption.

It was an occasion for a special individual action, for a global effect shared in the castle region.

He reminded those who cared to listen that the fight against corruption is essential for the respect of democratic institutions, which requires more efforts, for a developed society, free of that societal ill.

“To effectively defend ourselves against corruption in the Adamawa, the population must get involved by reporting wrongdoings on the toll-free number 2222221197 or by email: MinepatAc @ fr"

"Together we can succeed in protecting the integrity of our public institutions" Adamawa Regional Delegate, MINEPAT.

By Katakap Heritier

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