CCMN North Sets Action Plan for 2022

The Cameroon Community Media Network is seen as a tool in achieving peace in conflict hit areas, as is in the case of the community in the North, stroke by borko Haram attacks, with other sub conflicts emerging given the challenging context.

CCMN North comprising over thirty journalists, animators and some members of civil societies, meet to remobilize troops around the team led by Reverend Pastor Nta William of the Presbyterian Church and National Peace Office Coordinator, in order to revisit actions carried out in 2021 and set the course for 2022.

Among the challenges faced throughout the CCMN program, is the registration of CCMN members on the eve of the general assembly to hold in the coming months. The North is already affirming its desire to see its members at the national office.

"The North West and South West regions of Cameroon are affected by a crisis which is weakening the unity of this country. This crisis, which began in 2016, calls into question living together, a value that is very dear to the Cameroonian people."

"In this climate of confusion, the press plays a major role since it participates in the political debate. Therefore, it is important to train journalists in the concept of peace.
This has the effect of strengthening their capacities in journalistic writing in connection with peace and living together, guarantees of lasting peace.". Rev. Nta William, facilitator, Peace Coordinator.

Commenting on the training, a Journalist with Woila FM in Maroua, Far North region says the workshop was “extraordinarily rewarding".

"We all come from areas where there is conflict in one way or another. We have learned that the journalist has an essential role in the management of conflicts. The implementation of all the knowledge we have acquired during this training will certainly make our communication organs credible and because of this, we will be able to contribute not only to stability but also to social cohesion”, Boubakari Amadou.

By Katakap Heritier

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