Public Independent Conciliator 's Office, Existing to Serve Local Population

Tamfu Simon Fai, Public Independent Conciliator for the Northwest region has stated firmly that his office exisit in order to pay attention to the needs of the man on the streets.

It was revealed during an information serminar in Bamenda with major stakeholders; Mayors and S.D.Os that the PIC will accompany councils in finding solutions to the problems they are facing.

"The PIC is focussed in a situation where one feels he/she feels is not well served. The competence of the 
PIC is working with stakeholders, targeting the population", Public Independent Conciliator confirms.

In the Northwest region, land disputes is said to be an existing conflict, long before the armed conflict. According to some Mayora attending the serminar, some councils face difficulty in carrying out their functions or projects in the area and so requested that councils be part of the land consultative board.

"Competences have been transferred to councils without the means, collecting taxes is now a daunting task given our context. We are hoping the PIC can cause the state to accompany the councils in this challenge" Tanjong Martin Tubah Council.

The Public Independent Conciliator reiterated that the objective of the PIC is to look at the services offered by the councils to the population and look at the conflict between the two.

"We are involved with service providers and service users. The problem between the the mayors and the D.O is none of the PIC's concern".

Some mayors believe that councils are already major stakeholders with the PIC and have a liason in activities. The Mayor of Widikum, Fundong and Andek Council, shared their opinions with civiclens.

"Councils are partners with the PIC and function squarely as it tries to reconcile the council and it's users. In the likes of disputes within councils, there is; conflict of interest, conflict of functions, conflict of competence between council executive and subordinates, between councils and local administration; traditional rulers and other stakeholders", Mayor Andoh Stanislaus Tambu, Widikum Council

"The serminar helped us to understand that we need to talk and sensitize the people we serve; telling them that if they are not satified with the services we offer, they have a place to complain which was not the case before. We raised issues that concerned mayors and learnt that while setting up structures in our council areas, we will have need to liase with the PIC for follow up, monitoring and evaluation." Mayor Ndang Denis, Fundong Council.

Mayor Ubangoh-Helly of Andek Council explained that I'm his opinion, the PIC exist to debunk the misunderstanding of the 2019 new laws efforced by the State.

"The PIC is a very important instrument that has come to stay, there have been alot of misunderstanding with 2019 laws which according to him has caused many not to listen to Mayors. The PIC will serve as an interface between users and the councils. With a third party, alot of things will be made easier", Mayor Andek Council.

A work session held amongst mayors, administrators to understand ways in which efforts can be harnessed with the office of the Public Independent Conciliator, to bring forth solutions to problems faced in their different sectors, which are also in the Interest of the common man.

By Ndefru Melanie


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