"Meet the People" Tour in Meiganga

Administrative authorities of Meiganga, in Horé Kouni division, Adamawa have saluted the dynamism and efforts of His Majesty MANSOUROU SAIDOU during the contact tour of the sub prefect, Mebenga Yaya.

According to local authorities, this was the best way to present recognition of his Majesty to public authorities. Described as "a very dynamic and indefatigable third-degree traditional chief of the village in Honré Kouni, is said to be very attentive to his people and echoes the slightest cries of the populations.

From the denunciation of the abusive occupation of the land through the infrastructural needs, putting himself in the shoes of the local indigenous populations, assking mischievous foreign compatriots; "What will become of young infants, yet to be born, if their only family patrimony is thus maliciously invaded and occupied?".

The population were asked not to allow themselves be robbed of their essential source of income which is the land and that grievances be transmitted when they failnto do what is expected of them.

For the administrative authority and patron of the capital of the Mberé, "this situation risks creating social unrest within families, as well as between the indigenous populations, the buyers, both for the exorbitant and illegal areas".

The debate on the legal value of the famous customary rights session certificate is said to be back on the table, to stop the the establishment of fake documents that reveal persons owning tens or even hundreds of hectares of land to the detriment of the elites and future generations of the land.

On the social and health level, his Majesty presented the needs for teaching staff and the desire to see a health training unit or institution built in the village. According to him, this innovations will promote the living together advocated by the Head of State, President Paul Biya

Other grievances were presented to the sub-prefect, in particular the construction of the road which leads to HORÉ KOUNI, the construction of a police station, the construction and equipment of a support center for vulnerable people.

The grievances of sons and daughters of Horé Kouni were presented, requesting the discretionary power of the Head of State to raise them in the circles of high decision-making in Cameroon, while bringing administration closer to the people.

By Katakap in Admawa

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