Targeted Killings on the Rise in Bamenda

Following the killing of Senior Barrister Kemende Henry, the news was recieved with shock for a few who saw him before he was shot.

Mourners at Residence, Upstation Bamenda

Colleagues, friends, love ones have paid a condolence visit to the bereaved family at Upstation Bamenda, to behold the reality of  what happened.

The killing of Senior Barrister Kemende Henry on January 11th 2022 in Bamenda, add up to the wanton killings ongoing in the NW/SW regions, described by Barrister Mbah Eric as "unlawful,  illegal and inhuman".

Barrister Mbah Eric

The Bâtonnier's representative for the NW Region has pleaded with anyone stroke by the news to cooperate with the investigation unit and give information that will help track perpetrators of the act.

"Senator Barrister Kemende Henry was shot and pushed out of his car at the mile 2 junction in Bamenda III. After tqlking to the Doctor at PMI, he said when Senator Barrister Kemende was brought to the hospital he was still talking, but he received a bullet in his chest which he thinks recites in his heart and he had lost alot of blood, reason he couldn't make it" Barrister Mbah Eric.

Senator Barrister Kemende Henry has been described as "a civil rights crusader, very charitable man, who fought for the underprivileged, did his job as a lawyer in a very classical manner".

Barrister Divine Momuluh

Barrister Divine Momuluh described him as an icon who contributed towards nation building.

"He was a lawyer and every lawyer is a leader. You can see in the things he has done especially as a senator of the country".

No doubt, legal minds have lost an Icon, who's shoes may be too large to wear, but luckily enough Senior Barrister Kemende Henry had trained alot of persons before his unfortunate departure and it is with hope that the vacuum would be filled someday.

By Ndefru Melanie

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