North-West Regional Assembly Strengthens Ties With Communication Family

For some time in the North-West region, the media family felt left out of activities that had to do with the Regional House of Assembly.

During public ceremonies at the Regional Assembly, journalists were required to produce several documents as a precondition for coverage.

NW Press

To improve ties with the communication family, the President of the Regional Assembly, Professor Fru Angwafor III convened a press dinner to find ways of better communicating activities of the Regional Assembly, especially those that are of interest to the common man on the streets.

To concretely improve on communication ties with the press in the Northwest region, the President believes this is important and key to help the image of the institution.

President Regional House of Assembly

"We thank the media family of the region for accepting to have this conversation with the Regional Assembly. It is important that we start the year with people whom we think are key in working with the Regional Assembly, to send the right info and create the right attitudes and get the population work towards the betterment of our lives,” Professor Fru Angwafor said.

Dingana Raymond, Drayinfos

Grand Master Nji, CJTU President

Bakah Derick, Hilltopvoices

Journalists who answered present at the dinner spoke bluntly about how they felt given the treatment hitherto reserved for them before and after coverage. 

Ndi Elvis, President CAMASEJ

Other key worries were presented as many keep asking questions on how the Regional Assembly functions in the context of special status.

The President of the Regional Assembly listened carefully to the worries presented to him and suggested that the year will be different given that the media will help the house communicate authentic information while shaping opinions and character, gearing towards the peacebuilding process.

By Ndefru Melanie

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