A 75 year Old Targeted, Killed by "Armed men"

"At about 5.30 pm on January 11th 2022, my father was at home watching football...later on, one person in the house alerted that the boys are arround", Pa Tingum's daughter.

This is the type of danger feared by anyone living in the Northwest region, particularly in very hostile areas within the town of Bamenda.

Some people brave the odds to live in these hostile areas because they simply don't have the means to relocate to areas they consider safe.

Information has it that Tingum David generally known as Pa German Trench has had several threats from seperatists fighters but in his usual manner he has often chased them away with whistle.

"It is the first time they came to our house and raining terror, my dad came out on that Tuesday, after hearing gunshots to check who was firing gunshots in his compound but they shattered his lower abdomen with 3 bullets".

Pa was shot Infront of his grandchild. One of Pa's inlaws said, "the death of this my relation has really touched me badly", in tears another familly relation narrates how painful the death has been to him.

"The death of my relation pains me so badly because he was the one helping the familly".

The familly has debunked information circulating on social media that Pa earlier tried stopping the kidnap of a lady, they say armed men came to their compound and targeted Pa in pidgin, saying;

"na u d ever shout nor, na u d ever blow whistle when we come nor, then they fired at him and the only thing we heard was aie aie aie and pa was gone" said a familly relation.

The familly has since debunked this news as fake. Famillies across the region have been loosing love ones on daily basis. As the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest region is prolonged, many more famillies are plunged into misery, they are wondering how long these will continue before a sustainable solution is sort.

Administrative authorities have often blamed the local population for hiding those they called terrorists in their midst, as they have seized opportunities to commit atrocities. 

The administration continues to call on the population to denounce those carrying these acts in their communities.

The conflict in Anglophone Cameroon started in 2016, with street protest by Teachers and Lawyers and since then according to the UN, over 3000 people have died, more 500 thousand displaced and many are at risk of food insecurity according to the World food programme. 

By Ndefru Melanie


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