Traders receive bags of rice from Bamenda II Mayor, Present list of Grievances

Businesswomen in markets within the Bamenda II subdivision converged on New Year's Eve to receive bags of rice donated by Mayor Chenwi Peter of the Bamenda II Council.

Receiving the gifts, the women showered praises on Mayor Chenwi, describing him as a dynamic servant-leader.

As the father of Bamenda II municipality, the women presented their worries.

"We, women we feel left behind because we thought that the Bamenda II Mayor had excluded us from activities that concerned our municipality. We as mothers have many other issues bothering us, we have visited the labor room countless times. Children have died and continue to die. We don't know who will bury us. We pray you to take this message to hierarchy because we have suffered," they said.

The wake-up call caused the Mayor to announce plans of transmitting their message through the Northwest elite to the Presidency.

The Bamenda II Council believes women constitute part of the vulnerable groups in times of crisis and has placed their needs top priority come 2022.

"The women make up the most vulnerable group in times of crisis and this can be seen through the appeal letters tabled at the council for food and bills. This has caused the council to assist these women, with most of them being displaced and having no food to sustain their families,” said the Mayor.

"The role of the Mayor as a local authority and a servant is to serve people and giving them food at this time is to enable them to celebrate their new year in the best of ways. For in times of crisis, there is the hunger that's the reason for this gift,” added the Mayor of the Bamenda II Council.

The joy of sharing at the end of the year led the women to hail the Mayor for his generous moves, handing a Peace plant to symbolize their request from the administration.

The women were cautioned by the Divisional Officer for Bamenda II Council to be collaborative in reporting cases of extortion and intimidation from separatist fighters to enjoy the much talked about peace.

"You all are women and are mothers. One way or the other, most of you are related to the children fighting in the bushes. You have the power to talk to them and have them get a change of mind. I speak with a heavy heart because I know some of you are harassed for support when you don't earn much. But I believe with your pretty faces coupled with the priceless mother-to-child bond, this can bring an end to this conflict,” said Nicolas Manchang, D.O of Bamenda II Sub-Division.

Mayor Chenwi on his part says the Head of State, President Paul Biya can yid to the cry of women in Bamenda and visit his 2nd home again, as the armed conflict persists and drags on for over 5 years.

"The women gave me a Peace plant, which I think it's a strong message. The women have pleaded that they need Peace and I have taken it upon myself to contact the Ministers who are also elite of this region, to liaise me with the Presidency so that the voices of Women in Bamenda can be heard. I will work for hand in glove with the elite of this region so that we can channel the plight of the women to the Head of State," said the Mayor Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter.

People in the Bamenda II subdivision have been assured that the doors of the council remain open to listening to their plight, as the Mayor further confirms that the 2022 council budget will prioritize the needs of the local man.

"We at the Bamenda II Council remain open to help people, especially as our budget increased for this year 2022. With this increase, I will do all to assist the local population given the appeal letters I receive daily in my office; especially creating employment while assisting. In 2022, I will consult with bike riders and buyam sellams to know their priority needs,” said Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Bamenda II Council has placed its 2022 budget at the disposal of the people it serves. The people are called to make proposals on how projects of the coming year will look like not forgetting projects that have been abandoned as per the security challenges faced in the region.

By Ndefru Melanie

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