Youth Affairs Minister Visits Garoua, Donates Material for Volunteers

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education leads a mission to supervise the mobilization and training activities of volunteer volunteers and stewards of the Garoua site.

The Governor of the Northern Region, Jean ABATE EDI'I and his collaborators in a working session was handed decentralized services; given material to supporters' clubs and mobile teams for urban and rural popular animation.

The Governor is the Coordinator of the Garoua site. While hosting  Minjec and its suite, disclosed that the Garoua site is ready. "Mr. Minister, the volunteers and the stewards that you will visit shortly have been well trained and are ready to do the work for which they have been mobilized".

In Garoua, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU proceeded to the delivery of 21 motorcycles to the 21 district delegates of Youth and Civic Education of the North Region.

"I am counting on you my collaborators to carry out the mission which is invited to you. I expect from you, a success of the operations CAN CITIZENNE ET PATRIOTIQUE and END OF YEAR CELEBRATIONS CITIZENS AND PATRIOTICS" said the Minjec while handing over the keys , gray cards and registration plates to the heads of decentralized services.

According to Minjec, CAN TOTALENERGIES CAMEROUN 2021 will be a success on the Garoua site. This is the assurance given by the supporters mobilized for the cause.

At the Roumdé Adjia stadium in Garoua, four supporters' clubs responded. They received from the hands of the Minjec and other personalities including the governor, material. These include large and medium-sized vuvuzela, hats, headbands, bracelets, whistles, pennants

Mobile team of popular urban and rural animation, this is what the acronym above indicated means. They are the secular arms of the Minjec in the implementation of the National Campaign of civic education and national integration. 

On the occasion of the OPERATION CAN CITIZEN AND PATRIOTIC, the Volunteer community mediators, the young volunteers of all the associative movements, the motorcycle taxi drivers were engaged to watch over the image of Cameroon which will receive a significant flow of 'foreigners.

Organized in 5 workshops, they were trained from December 29 to 31, 2021. Today January 1, 2022, they receive encouragement from Minjec MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU.

"Each of you must behave like an indomitable Lion at his workstation. You have the heavy load of making the CAN succeed, to which the President of the Republic attaches the greatest interest as you will have followed again yesterday in his end-of-year message to the Nation. So sell as much as you can, the image of our country Cameroon ", said the member of the government who thus closed his visit to the Garoua site.

The Minister counts on the Governor for success throughout the CAN period.

"you have everything now to make the party a beautiful one. I am counting on you and your collaborators for the continuation of the mobilization around CAN TOTALENERGIES CAMEROUN 2021 that we are all waiting for! May the party be beautiful especially with your university as promised by the President of the Republic in his message yesterday ", expressed the minister.

Source: Communication Unit MINJEC

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