Moment of celebration: Night of Youth Excellence In Grandstyle

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou chaired the event at the 2022 youth village at the esplanade of the national museum in Yaoundé.

The youth was celebrating on February 9, 2022 during the evening of excellence dedicated to them on the esplanade of the national museum. These young people are said to have demonstrated their know-how through several performances.

The evening was attended by young parliamentarians, leaders of youth associations, secondary and extracurricular establishments and Minjec officials. 

Throughout the evening various performances followed one another. Guests were treated to various urban and heritage dances and musical interpretations by budding artists such as Ben lajoie.

The evening of youth excellence was also punctuated by the awarding of distinctions to the winners of the Chants Patriotiques; of the Gastronomic Fair and; of the socio-economic fair. 

The winners of patriotic songs and dramatic arts have excelled in conveying messages on peace, moral values, unity and national integration, respect for institutions and also the Covid-19 pandemic in Cameroon.

It must be said that young Cameroonians during this eleven promoted multiculturalism; mother tongues; bilingualism; civic values ​​and the consolidation of the feeling of belonging to the nation through songs, dances, slams, theater and many others. 

In this category of patriotism, Aboya Marthe Catherine was congratulated for her ingenuity in the composition of patriotic songs on the occasion of the celebration of the Youth Day.

In the Peace and National Integration category, the College of General and Technical Education Djonou located in the Accacia district in Yaoundé, came to promote among young people peace, sport, national integration and their participation in the intensification of the fight against Covid-19 on the national territory. Angoula Doris, designated best exhibitor in the Sawa cultural area in the gastronomic fair category of flavors from Cameroon and elsewhere.

With a view to the socio-economic and professional integration of young people, the government and other actors are developing a panoply of initiatives. The young people of this space in the youth village were able to promote their products and services.

As such, the Socio-Economic Opportunities Fair within the Youth Village allowed to appreciate the talents of the participants in the YouthConnekt Bootcam.

They each received a sum of 2,000,000 CFA francs (two million). Winners were distinguished during the evening. These are young people from schools and out-of-school youth from Youth Promotion Centers. They are also young association leaders who invest in communication for social change and creativity. Through these various performances on the stage of the National Museum, it is undeniable to say that living together is not an empty expression in Cameroon.

From East to West, from North to South, the young performers on stage take the audience on a journey through the rich diversity of this "Africa in miniature".

Communication Unit, MINJEC


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