Sectorial Youth Day 2022: Parade in Mfoundi

The 07 districts that make up  Mfoundi division took part, on February 09, 2022, in the general rehearsals of the parade marking the celebration of the 56th edition of the Youth Day in Cameroon.

"Youth and voluntary participation in the great challenges of Cameroon". This is the theme chosen for the celebration of Youth Day 2022 throughout the national territory. 

On February 9, 2022, general rehearsals for the parade took place, which will take place on February 11. It is under the leadership of the Inspector General of Programs, Pedagogical Methods and Training Methodology at the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, Sandjock Mark Armand, in the company of the 2nd Inspector of Services, Minssoup Olivier and of the 2nd Deputy Inspector of Programs, Ms. Eyenga Yvette, that the parade rehearsals took place in Efoulan. 

Gathered at the esplanade of the Stade Omnisports de Yaoundé Mfandena,th edition youth festival. It was under the supervision of Madame Atanga Michelin, Technical Advisor number 1.

This year, unlike previous years, the face-to-face parade will indeed take place, but in a smaller square. The parade rehearsals in Yaoundé III and VI opened with a special group made up of students from the National Institute of Youth and Sports in Yaoundé, wearing the national colors. 

During these rehearsals, several patriotic songs were performed by young people from different districts. However, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec), Mounouna Foutsou clarified that the party will take place in strict compliance with barrier measures, as the Covid19 is not yet over.

Unlike the last two editions, drums and trumpets will be there this year. According to the Minjec, the parade will be decentralized to the level of the districts and villages of the 360 ​​districts of Cameroon.

The parade was made of squares of 49 paraders (7X7 squares) previously tested negative for Coronavirus. This makes it possible to respect the social distancing of at least one meter of space. As for the number of squares, it will be reduced to two per district for the parade at the national level, and one square per establishment for the parades at the district level.

Thus, the squares of parades per school go from 144 to 49, as much as the number of people goes from 121 to 49. This parade will be done with the accompaniment of the Mobile Teams of Popular Urban and Rural Animation (Emapur).

The rehearsals was ahead of February 11th 2022, where youths are expected to appear in different colours to immortalise the day.

Communication Unit, MINJEC


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