Local Administration: Bamenda II Council votes 2023 budget, earmarks Rehabilitation/Construction activities

Bamenda II council has voted a budget worth over 1.8 billion francs that focuses on rehabilitating roads and providing secives that prioritizes the needs of people in  Bamenda II municipality come 2023.

The session held on December 23 2021 at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda, where the Mayor announced that the council session will begin holding it's session at it's new site- Mbingfibie come 2023.

Despite the security stakes in Bamenda II municipality, the council has shuffled it's way to hold sessions in order to discuss the development of the municipality, untill the announcement was made by Mayor Chenwi Peter that there is need for Bamenda II Council to return to its seat. 

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter mentioned a few projects envisaged for 2023;

- The need to assist the Nsongwa Palace in 2023

-Build solar boreholes in some quarters like Mulang, Ntambag. 

-Kickstart the Low-cost housing project that will be realized using manual labour approach. 

-Provide solar system to health centers having no electricity. 

-Maintain and open more roads

-Provide basic aminities like ; electricity and water where needed.

The Council already acquired land to kickstart the project of the Low-cost housing and to reduce unemployment, this is an Himo-project that is using the labour-based approach, using localy fabricated material as many youths will be expected to engage in it. 

The Bamenda II Council in the course of the year 2022 acquired a front-end loader and will be adding other equipments in 2023 like a grader to boost the smooth implementation of these projects earmarked by the council.

"We acquired a front -end loader and we will be acquiring a truck will be available in 2023. The council has passed a deliberation for us to acquire a grader so we can start work. We need to acquire these equipments to bring development closer to there people". 

The Mayor also revealed that the budget on social welfare has increased, that focuses on giving out assistance. 

"In  2023 we will focus on road construction to equip hospitals, reconstruct schools that were destroyed in the course of the crisis and make sure we give assistance to people who have been displaced, to those who have been unable to go to school", Mayor Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II Council. 

The Bamenda II Council through the Mayor has esoltanilished a good deal with foreign councils and will be signing a convention soonest with hopes that some support will be coming in; the supply of some agricultural equipment and other provision or assistance that can be a relief to the loss suffered in the course of the crisis. 


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