Economy: MIDENO's GM clocks 4 as lead, Institution counts achievements/challenges

The General Manger of MIDENO, Anye Cletus Matoya has through a Press conference on December 23rd 2022 briefed the media on MIDENO's activities of 2022, revealing it's strengths and weaknesses.

Through the report of Mr Bawe Ndi Ernest of Administration and finance desk, the strength of MIDENO's GM is revealed.

-For Personnel issues: Salaries were suspended since 2008 for some old workers but the GM had to stir up improvement and work output as he calculated these arriers and sent to finanace for the retired staff situation to be reviewed

-In 2022 the GM applied for deserved Labour medals for staff, especially for those who are at the verge of going on retirement.

-Concerning the Project to combat food security, about 7million francs cfa is expected to come to the Northwest region through MIDENO.

-The Partnership MIDENO signed with Public works Ministry for road maintainance worth over 1.1billion francs cfa, over 556million cfa will come to MIDENO interms of equipmemt and personel.

-MIDENO will benefit a percentage from the production/ sales of coffee in the region.

-MIDENO can boost of hectares of land

-Activities earmarked for 2022 has been carried foward for 2023, most of which are agricultural activities .

According to the GM, MINDENO's 2022 result depends on how enabling the environment was or how the lack of it paints a picture of how MIDENO faired. Annually, the management has made it a habit to create awareness at the beginning of every farming season.

MIDENO in their own way have made efforts to scale up production inline with the effects of the crisis that led to the abandonment of several farms in the region. The impact of the socio political crisis on the farming population has been termed unspeakable especially in the surburbs.

Despite these challenges, it is worth noting that the Northwest region has not ran into a food crisis yet, as farmers still put in efforts to farm and sell their products.

"For farmers in the surburbs to farm, feed the population, their families and raise income through some of their produce has been a dating task, Northwest is the breadbasket interms of agricultural production. Farmers are no less productive than when the crisis began. Their capacity remains undimimished despite what has happened. The Northwest hasn't ran Into food crisis yet", MIDENO's GM.

According to the Director of the technical department Ndeh Emmanuel, social accountability is important to make available results based on ressources provided by the government. He mentioned that the Northwest Development Authority has improved on the living conditions of those in the rural areas through different programs.

"improved seeds were provided to over 787 farmers as a way to promote agriculture and combat food insecurity, food crisis in the region. Especially as the region is hard hit by crisis", citing an example.

MIDENO has a situation of accumulated debts too as management explains that subventions recieved are not enough, adding to the fact that some government investments come late.

Ndula Lawrence, a Staff representative at MIDENO
described Anye Cletus Matoya, MIDENO's GM as a dynamic figure who through several strategies has provided assistance to farmers across the Northwest region.

Yet he pleaded with the GM that after 14 years of no medal award, something should be done to have deserved staff enjoy fruits of their hard work.

This was a similar worry for other staff but the GM responded positively saying the file was in process and that the request should be rewarding, befitting and well appreciated at the end of the day.


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