Local Administration: PIC speaks to local masses through live coverage, appeals on government to create divisional representation

The office of the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) NW is working hand in glove with the media, believing that it will be easy for the common man in the region to understand their mission, vision and goals, moreover the reasons why the structure exist and how the PIC can assist in their worries.

As part of PIC's solution oriented approach, the office through the head of the institution, Tamfu Simon Fai goes live on Abakwa FM radio in Bamenda reaching out directly to the masses. This strategy describes PIC as a watchdog and for this the office beckons on government to create division and sub divisional representations. 

"We choose the media because the media is one of our stakeholders and one of the vehicles through which we reach out to the population. We have ambitions to be represented in the divisions and the sub divisions, but for now we are represented in Bamenda". 

"The  media is the fastest way to get to all corners of the Northwest. The problem we have been asked to come and solve is not limmitted to Bamenda, but every area in the Northwest region, reason why we are using the media", PIC NW. 

Tamfu Simon Fai has rated that the PIC office is doing great in their efforts and has urged that the team shouldn't relent efforts in their endeavours in ensuring that their task is met. The program my "my council my rights" was therefore an avenue to educate the masses on what should obtain. 

"When we do this program on Abakwa FM, it program is relayed in all community radios in the region. The whole of Northwest is covered; in the local languages, pidgin, English nd sometimes in French. We have raised their awareness to the rights they have, to get services from the councils and the councils have obligations to give them the services"

"We have come as a watchdog to make sure that if you are discriminated against or if marginalized by the councils, you have a way to come tell us and we will intervened to ensure that you are well treated and you get the deserves services as provided by the government", PIC NW.

The Public Independent Conciliator's office has been described as one of those institutions in the Northwest region that is making efforts to draw closer to the population since it came into existence. Their approach described inclusive, with hopes that it will further dampen the situation of the crisis in the region.

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