MINJEC: Youth Affairs Delegate NW lits christmas tree, uhers staff/youths in celebration

Odilia Fri Mbanwi, Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs NW believes that the best way to boost the moral of staff and youths working in a crisis hit region is by engaging them in some extra curricular activities, by involving them in some celebration.

She used the opportunity during the Christmas tree light party to educate them to refrain from clandestine behaviour and be focused with their task, duty at MINJEC.

This time arround, merry making was on the occassion of lighting the Christmas tree, as a way of leading her staff, youths and other institutions in the Northwest region into celebrations. The Regional delegate mentioned that this activity has been carried out since her mandate, but for 2022 that had a few innovations.

"Since my mandate we decided to create the Christmas tree lighting event for the NW youth affairs familly to boost our moral. You cannot be poor and give out riches, We at MINJEC are rich in our spirit that is why we share, we celebrate and we are always together. We celebrate with our partners and for this year the latest innovation is the newly elected regional council bureau who also answered present" MINJEC NW Delegate.

Covered with colour and fanfare, guest at MINJEC NW toast to the upcoming christmas feast, shared in a cake and meal to put everyone in celebration mood. The delegate did not leave out local artists in the region to give the occassion the grandeur it deserves, while hoping that as Staff and youths in the region celebrated together, work too will flow at the level of MINJEC without any hitches.


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