Youth Day 2022: Youth Affairs Minister meets with Youths at Hometown

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (Minjec) went to the Logone Birni in the North, in order to meet the youth of this village.

The Communal President of the National Youth Council of Cameroon (Cnjc) Logone Birni branch, Elias Bourdamsou thanked the Head of State for what he is doing for Cameroonian youths, the training of young people in Youth Conneckt, the support gotten for entrepreneurship.

Not forgetting to present grievances regarding the training of taxi drivers through the creation of a driving school with a driving license at the end, the facilitation of access to biometric youth cards, the equipment of the Cnjc Communal office, the construction and equipment of the Cmpj of the district.

However, government grants to the municipality of Logone Birni will probably help to unite the inhabitants more by strengthening their living together.

Watering cans, certificates and kits were given to community mediators and training offered to motorbike, taxi drivers, not to mention biometric youth cards.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou, accompanied by the governor of the Far North region, Midiyawa Bakari presided over the launching ceremony of the National Civic Education Program through Civic and Entrepreneurial Moral Rearmament (Pronec-Reinitiation).

It should be remembered that Pronec-Reprimer is an educational tool for civic, moral and entrepreneurial education adapted to and meeting the current needs of all sections of the population.

It proposes appropriate responses to the current uncivil acts observed in schools and extracurricular structures, in order to achieve the exemplary Republic so desired by the Head of State.

Among the tools for implementing this strategic document, there is a forum abbreviated as "Aprèm-Jeun", which are mobilization platforms bringing together young people, experts from the youth sector, representatives of partner structures competent in a framework of debates, reflections and other permanent and constructive activities.

The activities carried out are oriented in the areas of civic education, peacebuilding, social cohesion and living together, volunteering, community life and youth participation, as well as socio-economic integration. young people.

Communication Unit, MINJEC

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