Cameroon/Chad Resolving Conflict, Promoting Living Together through Forum of Discourse

In Kousseri, Far North region of Cameroon hosted a forum, promoting a discourse on the need to live together following a series of internal, internal conflict rocking that part of the region.

Dubed "Social and inter-generational dialogue, guarantor of peaceful coexistence and harmonious living together between communities", is the theme that supported the exchanges between the elders and young people, experts during this meeting.

Promoting sports, entrepreneurship in Chad, Routouang Mohamed Ndonga Christian explained that the forum was intended to promote peace, social cohesion and living together in the two countries.

This initiative stems from recent inter-community clashes that have erupted in these localities, inducing the taking of measures for the prevention and resolution of possible preventive crises between communities and the fight against hate speech and violent extremism.

Routouang Mohamed Ndonga Christian, stresses that the fact that he and his counterpart speak the same language sufficiently testifies that Cameroon and Chad are two brotherly peoples and their geographical location cannot separate them.

Finally, it is hoped that resolutions from the forum will be applied to appease hearts.

“I will like to thank my counterpart from Cameroon for this wonderful initiative, uniting young people from all over the Logone valley as well as those from Chad to be able to exchange with their elders on questions of living together, cultural practices which strengthen ties"

"I noted with great satisfaction the commitment of young people, of different ages present taking the commitment to fight together against practices leading to divide the inhabitants of this valley. Our cultures, our African values ​​have always propelled us towards unity, living together coherently."

It was therefore an opportunity for young people to learn from their elders. The position of MINJEC was appreciated in the excercise, recognizing efforts from the Cameroon Government for keeping fairly strong diplomatic ties between two countries and to encourage more of such initiatives.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou thanked the Chadian Minister of Sports and the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, for all that his country is doing to live together harmoniously, following the example of the help that this sister country to bring to Cameroonians victims of abuses some time ago.

MINJEC therefore took this opportunity to ask his counterpart in Chad to convey his gratitude to the President of the Republic of Chad, affirming that he retained a fundamental thing from the resolutions of this workshop.

"The need for water and the interdependence between the activities of agriculture, fishing and breeding, elders also explained to the young people that it is thanks to the awareness of interdependence that they were able to preserve peace, insisting on the notion of interdependence by noting that a fisherman cannot live without the fruit of a farmer".

MINJEC encouraged youths to create businesses that bring people together because their activities are interdependent. “I think that this forum on peace and living together harmoniously in the Logone valley, It was very important for these young people, who are the future of this sub-region, to come together, to talk together about the problems encountered by the different communities"

"The commitments they have made and the solutions proposed seem to me perfectly coherent and relevant for the resolution of the inter-community conflicts that this part of the country is going through."

Agriculture such as animal husbandry, fish farming and fishing have always coexisted inter-dependently as its peoples have cohabited peacefully while carrying out these activities. 

These people perceived the need for the interdependence of its activities which complemented each other, its activities coexist in the same space between different actors connected on complementary value chains. 

We therefore invite its young people to implement its recommendations with the help of the public authorities and the support of the partners who accompany these young people for the development of this sub-region, of Logone”, declared Minister Mounouna Foutsou.

The forum closed with the presentation of certificates to the various participants and the swearing in of Community Mediators who are committed to promoting the values ​​of peace for an emerging and prosperous Cameroon.

Communication Unit, MINJEC

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