Youth Week In Bamenda as Captured by Civiclens

Youth Week Launch

NW Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique launched activities ahead of this year's 56th edition of Youth Day Celebrations under the theme "Youth and Voluntary Participation in the Major Challenges of Cameroon".

Youths have been cautioned to take the opportunity given them, to celebrate as youths and celebrate patriotic values and services.

" It gives us great opportunity to celebrate every year, the victories and achievements of cameroonian youths within the national triangle and the diaspora in diverse fields such as Agriculture, livestock, Blue and green economy, digital economy, sports & innovation", NW Governor.

Though with security challenges faced in the Northwest region, a situation where schools have suffered arson attacks, teachers and students suffered kidnappings, youths who turned out for the launch were urged not to relent efforts, but rally themselves with government special campaigns to combat the consumption, trafficking and marketing of drugs and other psycho tropic substances in amongst youths.

The launch took place amidst Covid-19 health crisis and the security challenges facing the region, the government he added was doing much to alleviate the plight of the youth with the ongoing.

-implementation of the Special Youth Plan, the putting in place of municipal youth councillors and the Youth-connect Project.

One will always expect that about 2 weeks to youth day itself, one will have pupils and students going in for new uniforms, socks and sandal for their match past that day, though temperature with preparations may have changed, youths did not fail to carry out a series of activities during the launch.

Dance groups displayed, school Clubs produced and presented plays and poems on the need to achieve peace, not leaving out the essentials of achieving socio economic growth across tribes in the region.

Youth Hangout Platform

A medium has been provided for youths to meet local authorities and dignitaries at the local and national level. These youths shared their problems in order to come up with proposed solutions to better their communities.

This was another occassion, as part of youth activities gearing up to Feb 11th celebrations. Some youths who were in attendance for the hang out activity in the North West Region, were sensitized on the opportunities installed by the Minister of Youth Affairs like; volunteerism opportunity, project financing, training opportunities , partnership with diaspora members under the youth connect programs.

NW Regional Delegate MINJEC

"The Forum aimed at connecting youths with key stakeholders, to enable them share their worries and get best answers on how to improve on the work the do within communities", NW Regional Delegate MINJEC, Fri Mbanwie Odilia.

Most youths are ignorant about these opportunities and as a result, the hangout activity served as a forum to educate the youths so that they can be ambassadors of their communities, to spread the right information that could be beneficial for all.

The need to Revamp Multipurpose Empowerment Center

During the launch of Youth activitiesahead of Youth day celebrations in the Northwest region, the Governor visited the exhibition stands where some youths and institutions had displayed the fallouts of their talents.

Some of these talents or products are as a result of the training these youths get from the multipurpose centres. Board members sat in the meeting to put forth a sustainable plan of action for 2022 and also discussed best ways to reintegrate youths in the centre.

Experts to train youths in the department of tailoring and electricity are available at the centre. Jaidzeka Irene is the Regional Director for the multi-purpose youth empowerment center for the Northwest region.

"We had the maiden board of directors meeting for the center, for the ministerial text makes provision for the creation of the board of directors and for the holding of an annual meeting to vote the plan of activities and the budget for the execution of activities, so that at the end of the year we can evaluate and see what has been done and what has not been done".

"The youth multi-purpose center train adherants out of school youths in various domains, though the big challenge is that the workshops are not equipped and one cannot go looking for children to come and be trained in workshops that are empty".

The Regional Coordinator for the Multipurpose Youth Empowerment centre says experts have been trained and sent to the center, but emphasizes on the need to equip the centre as one of the resolutions of the meeting.

"We would do sensitization over radio, social media, groups, Churches in order to get people who are IDPS, those suffering for training at the center"

Above all, apart from equipping the center, the Regional Coordinator says the structure is dillapilated, vulnerable, which needs to be moved from its current site, given the situation of security in the region.

By Ndefru Melanie


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