Youth Day Preparations Accelerate In Ngaoundére

Last minute parade rehearsal took place yesterday, in form of songs performed by primary school students, managers of academic establishments mobilized,
coordinated and synchronized movements, including the take-off of the march past in each rank.

Students selected within the town of Ngaoundere, alongside those from training centers to take part in the parade of February 11, has been scheduled to hold for 2 hours that day. It was under the general coordination of the principal of the Burkina high school.

"We started rehearsals last week in the establishments, we are at the last session because the students who have already mastered the steps should rest in order to be plumb on Friday, D-day of the feast" Youssoufa Hamidou Danjouma.

According to the president of the communication commission, the parade will take part in the parade which will hold at the place of the festivals in Ngaoundere, on February 11th.

“In the ranks, the young people who are going to parade for the first time are enthusiastic and impatiently awaiting the big day. It is a duty to participate in the parade on behalf of the youth day."

"It is a way for me to show my attachment and love for my country. For us, it is also a responsibility. The President of the Republic reminds us of this at each edition: we are the Cameroon of tomorrow and this year's theme calls for our involvement in meeting the challenges of Cameroon”, Ouseima, student.

In the establishments, it is also time for the last adjustments in terms of sketches, theater, various games by the different actors. At the sabongari high school, the general supervisors reassure.

"We will have a fair from 3 p.m. and a cultural evening around 7 p.m. These are activities in which young people will express their different talents in all that they know how to do in terms of interpretation, dance, ballets, traditional dances, among others”.

For this 56th edition placed on a theme that invites youth to act voluntarily in the challenges of building Cameroon, an exemplary country at the CAN which has just ended, "indivisible as against the sessionist movement in the NOSO, strong in the struggles against boko haram in the far north and emerging in the face of the challenge by 2035."

Heads of educational establishments wanted to edify the young people on their contribution to the development of the country.

“It is an interpellation and we must redouble our ardor at school to obtain not only our diplomas but also to advocate love for the fatherland”, concludes Viviane Andela, student in first class at the classical high school of Ngaoundere.

“I am Cameroonian. I love my country. I love my nation. For all this, it is my duty to take part in the parade. For the construction of my country, I have to work at school, help my classmates to express themselves better in French and English. It is up to us to show the right path to our primary school children, by bringing order and discipline to our schools. Disorder does not pay and does not advance. I have two goals to achieve: finish my secondary school studies as soon as possible to continue with university. I dream of becoming a pediatrician. This will be my contribution to the construction of Cameroon”. Another Student talks to Civiclens.

By Katakap Heritier


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