Reach Out Peace Café: Discussing Challenges Women Face as Peace Builders in Communities

Reach Out Cameroon has organized a Peace Café to gather information from women on some issues plaguing their communities and challenges they face in regards to conflicts and peace building.

The Peace Café held at the Conference room of Buea Council on Wednesday 9, 2022.

In the presence of Reach Out partners, International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), and the Regional Delegate of Women Empowerment and the Family MINPROFF, the First Deputy Mayor of Buea Council, Madam Molinge Minerva, the women who answered present had the opportunity to discuss some of their challenges faced in the community, but for the financial assistance from Reach Out.

The Executive Director of Reach Out, Madam Omam Esther expressed joy, seeing women at the Peace café to discuss challenges faced and seeking a way forward.

The Peace café comes a month after Reach Out had launch its campaign on SHE BUILDS PEACE which is a global collaborative campaign to support women peace-builders to soar,bensuring their safety and protection, fulfilling obligations to make peace and security inclusive, appreciating and resourcing the critical work women peace-builders do to build a future in which all can flourish.

Talking to the press, the Executive Director of Reach Out explains the importance of the Press Café.

"The Peace Café is a small reflection forum where women came together with some stakeholders to discuss the issues plaguing their communities especially with regards to conflicts and peace building".

"We want to discuss the challenges which affects women in the work that they do every day, when carrying out their peace mission and I believe the peace café builds up the recently held SHE BUILDS PEACE Campaign, which aimed at mobilizing, exchanging peace stakeholders and supporting the work that we do, trying to see how we can engage them, provide protection and see how this work that women do as peace-builders, can be recognized within their communities, our nation and beyond Cameroon. It also a way to prevent conflict, which includes women in participatory processes,” Madam Omam Esther said.

“The inclusion and participatory process of women in all peace processes, is being recognized acorss Cameroon, it is necessary to provide support so that there are able to carry on with their work as its supposed to be” REO Madam Omam Esther added.

By Ndefru Melanie on assignment in Buea


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