Economy: Bamenda II Mayor communes with Media, rates self

Focus that had some media practitioners in Bamenda meet with the Bamenda II Mayor Chenwi Peter on July 12th 2022, was to discuss informally about council activities implemented after spending a few years in office vis a vis feedback from the people or communities under Bamenda II Council municipality.

Chating with some journalists practicing in Bamenda, the Mayor saw the occasion as a way of doing a cross examination on what council management has done so far, sort loose ends and adjust style in serving the people.

Journalists who attended the press cafe applauded the mayor's curiousity inline with duty. The Mayor on his part acknowledged that his municipality is the epicenter of town and regreted not being able to visit some neighborhoods, he termed risk zones.

To further expansiate, he briefly recounted the instances of attacks on his life while moving arround his municipality, Bamenda II.

"Truely I don't feel comfortable, there are areas that are not very safe. If I die council will continue, I have invited quater heads. At Bamenda II council, we live up to our standard. Bamenda II Council is not the city council, for income generating sources, we depend only on subvention from the state".

"We cannot be living together and fighting amongst ourselves, we should do everything to work and move together", Mayor Chenwi Peter.
Mayor Chenwi Peter appreciated the media for the work done so far in reporting council activities that stir development oriented ideas from persons within it's municipality, yet he frowned at some published articles that took him a few steps backwards.

A few journalists cautioned him to recieve "bullets" from the media gladly and do the needful where appropriate. Brought to his notice was, to review of the Bamenda II council map, that encompass several quarters for council management to know where exactly to intervene.

Though Mayor Chenwi expressed council's inability to reach out properly to other areas far off urban space, he advised that despite the security stakes the population should work in serenity to achieve development goals.

By Ndefru Melanie

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