Education: Indigenous people receive Excellence Award in Adamawa

As a way to the celebrate the 28th edition of the International day of indigenous people, best students were selected and celebrated for the 14th time on August 9, 2022.

The association ADISMA, (Association for the development, social integration and solidarity of young Mbororos of Adamaou6a), bringing together the Mbororos in collaboration with the regional delegation of social affairs for Adamawa organized the award ceremony to appreciate their efforts.

Indigenous students came out in their numbers to magnify the day dedicated to them, though it held during summer holidays. They had their teachers by their side to share their joy.

The five best students in each exam class; two per class from schools in the region were rewarded with school kits. The first four at the CEP each received, in addition to school kits, encouragement.

The regional delegate of social affairs for Adamawa, on behalf of the minister of social affairs appreciated leaders of associations bringing together indigenous populations and everyday actors to help and e courage these group of p

Regional president of ADISMA association (Association for the development, social integration and solidarity of young Mbororos of Adamaoua), Salihou Adamou, symbolically handing over the school kits to the students, urged them to make good use of them.

"Education is the basis of all development and we thank all those who have accompanied us in our desire to prepare our successors,”.

Supporting the education of the Mbororo population is a major preoccupation for ADISMA and her commitment to education in that aspect in the Adamawa region has been well appreciated by local and administrative authoritatively.

Abdoulaye Bouba, president of the conscripts of the national civic development service for Adamawa continue to call on the students and teachers to make more efforts for better results.

"To you dear students and teachers , I urge you to be more committed to improving what we have achieved this year,”.

The 28th edition of the international day of indigenous people, was commemorated under the theme "promotion of inclusive education in a post-covid 19 context: the place of the native child".

The Mbororo community, considered by the United Nations as an indigenous populations, highlighting the vulnerable character; the key plea remains to solve the equation of illiteracy. The validity of the theme focused on the place of children from these strata in the promotion of inclusive education in a post-covid 19 context.

By Ibrahim

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