Medical training center in Adamawa transformed, Dr Doka Titus' achievement

After more than 15 years of closure, the private center for nursing assistants in Ngaoundéré is reopening its doors to the delight of young people passionate about the fields of health with a new name better suited to the new challenges and issues of the hour.

It is therefore with good reason that it will make hay in Adamawa region under the name of "Private school for the training of medical and health personnel of Ngaoundéré". The training structure which originated from Decision No. 6373 / D / MINSANTE of July 11, 2022 transforming the private training center for caregivers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon in Ngaoundéré.

It wasn't just a rebirth but also the creation and opening of training courses for Generalist Nursing Assistants, Community Health Nursing Assistants, State-certified Nurses and midwives/ manieuticians.

As a reminder, the first private training institution for nursing assistants in the Adamawa region was created on March 16, 1976 by Order No. 154/MSP/DSP/SFPSSI/BPR of the Minister of Public Health, responding to the request made by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon.

The presentation was done on August 16th 2022 during a double ceremony chaired by the National Bishop of the Evangelical and Lutheran Church of Cameroon, Dr. Jean Baikele, in the presence of the Secretary General and the Director of Health Works Dr Doka Titus, at the conference room of the management of the health works located behind the Protestant hospital.

Same venue will be the installation of the new born of L'OSSELC with a medical analysis laboratory equipped to national standards: three classrooms, a teachers' room, three offices for the administrative staff, toilets, a garden for a departure, announced the director of the works of health of the EElC- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon.

The transformation of the Protestant hospital of Ngaoundéré into a district hospital for the city of Ngaoundéré and the hospital of Ngaoubela as a district hospital of Ngaoubela, will mean the protestant hospital of Ngaoundéré is doing better and looks proud.

The protestant hospital of Ngaoundéré created in 1948 includes in its entirety a district hospital, an integrated health center, the Lutheran Center of Ophthalmology, the dental clinic, the drug supply service, the biomedical and computer maintenance service, the repair and rehabilitation unit for women victims of obstetric fistulas, etc.

No more arrears of wages and any other hazard, because the hospital has regained its serenity, increased attendance in figures, a cure for the assets of Dr. Doka Titus and his collaborators.

Ngaoundéré Protestant Hospital is better known as the “Norwegian” Hospital.

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