National civic service for participation in development, engaging youths

The 9th training course for national civic service for participation in development committed to combating hate speech in Adamawa has taken place, involving young people showing committement to the process.

They were called to participate in the development of Adamawa, taking the lead in ensuring the maintenance of civic and moral values, peace, living together, social cohesion, while stopping the excesses that have been observed in recent times.

The appeal was launched by the governor to the youths during the solemn and official ceremony of the exit of the 9th vintage of calls from the national agency of national civic service for participation in development on August 18, 2022.

While opening the modern high school of Ngaoundéré. A course crowded with people, parents, friends, acquaintances, who gathered to witness the moment marking the end of the training of the conscripts of the 9th vintage of the national civic service for participation in development.

Gender approach

The president of the 9th vintage of Djana Serana advocates for strong values ​​on behalf of her co-promoter. For more than three weeks, they were equipped with several modules, namely civic and moral redevelopment, entrepreneurship, environmental protection, first aid, sexual and reproductive education, to name a few.

”We must contribute to the management of public affairs, with voluntary and voluntary actions. In our lives now it must be felt, the effects of this training ” declares a call from the SCNPD.

To her, it is also an occasion to demonstrate awareness of young people for active citizenship by voluntary social actions promoting living together and social cohesion in peace and harmony by respecting the symbols and other national emblems on a daily basis.

The fight against juvenile deviance is admissible in a paper in progress turned towards emergence, as the president of the 9th vintage, Djana Serena pointed out.

The message of the governor of the Adamawa region Elhadj Kildadi Taguuéké Boucar, is a call for the responsibility of young people, which can only be achieved by their determination because for Djana Serena, having a model youth must be a reality.

Through their voluntary activities for the advancement of the country, young people must fully play their role in society to be agents of development by taking charge of themselves and helping the public authorities.

By Ibrahim


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