Ngaoundere: A restaurant providing free meals for 3years

AL Jahna is the name of the restaurant is distributing free cooked meals for almost three years to vulnerable people being an initiative of the pilgrims' guide to Mecca Ahmadou Modibo.

23 years ago in a modest family of 8 brothers and sisters, the destiny of Khadjidjatou Oumarou changed when she contracted poliomyelitis at age of 5, depriving her of the use of her lower limbs.

Their dream of seeing her go to school and receive a modern education was shattered, although her disability was not total because she was able to walk to and fro. She settled for Restaurant Al JAHNA in front of the lamidat of Ngaoundére.

Khadjidjatou Oumarou who lives today in the street in Ngaoundéré, neglected and rejected by family.
Other siblings and mates of hers leave for school which is what she wanted to do, with dreams of becoming a journalist or a teacher.

Sometime in April, a new page opened with the strong support from the afriland first bank through its Islamic window because Islamic Finance, a finance based on compliance with Sharia law, also called Islamic. '

The restaurant seem to be the only place where she gets her meals from.

"Sometimes I even sleep here in front of the restaurant. Children and vulnerable people like myself benefit from support, thank you to afriland first bank that has helped us ".

She appreciates the commitment of the promoter, Elhadj Ahmadou Modibo, mentioning that she has no form of provocation and stigmatization from friends.

As part of the back to school

Implemented in Ngaoundéré the initiative is well known and the example can be copied in other regions so that all children, regardless of their vulnerability, can benefit from support to enjoy their right to nutrition.

By Ibrahim

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