National Youth Conference: Cameroon Baptist Convention Youth Leaders Conference 5th edition

"Make disciples" drawn form Mathew 28:18-20, was the theme for the Youth leadership conference holding in Foumbot in the Noun division- West region of Cameroon, for it's 5th edition 2022. The director of CBC youth and student department, Rev Cosmas Ghamogha explained that the conference holds to impact the life of youths in the Cameroon Baptist convention and even beyond.

"It's a very special conference for us because we are expecting a turn arround in the life of the youths in the Cameroon Baptist convention. Not only for those present at the conference but all other youths of the Cameroon Baptist convention and why not other youths who are not of the CBC".

"The theme is very timely because we believe that the Lord wants us to dive into the great commission and make disciples amongst who will inturn make more disciples. We are really excited and it is going on well as we see youths massively present, excited about what is going on. Facilitators and speakers are doing great. For the first 2 days we had it with youth pastors and youth workers and all exercises went on well. We give God the glory for everything", Director of CBC youth and student department, Rev Cosmas Ghamogha.

The convention of youth leaders holding in Foumbot at the Zion Baptist Church is expected to last for 4days under the auspices of the director of the CBC Youth and student Department Rev Ghamogah Cosmos, with over 300 youth leaders, including those drawn from the crisis hit regions and their counterparts from all over the nation in attendance.

Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne, executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention giving the key message to guide them in their different leadership positions.

CBC EP. Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne.

"I delivered the first message tittled go make disciples. In a nutshell I called on youth leaders that the command of Jesus Christ to his disciples to go make disciples of all nations was not limited to them, they did not have monopoly of that. The command comes to us today and it is our duty to follow same Instructions. I call on Youths to understand that if we do not make disciples of all nations, our number will keep dwindling. It is practically impossible to make disciples if they serve another god apart from Jesus Christ".

"Making disciples of all nations means we should go to everyone without discrimination, reach out to everyone despite the prejudices and obstacles that exist in the church. By doing so God will be glorified and honoured", CBC EP. Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne.

CBC Executive President, Speaker (in blue), George Charisma

Attended by field youth chair persons and youth exco members of various CBC churches, youth leaders present were thrilled to strengthen leadership and change the tides inorder to preserve the next generation of youths of the CBC which is an arm of the Cameroon Baptist Convention.

"I am grateful to be part of the 5th edition of the youth leadership conference in Foumbot 2022. I don't regret being part of the conference because the lessons have been very rich and it challenges me to do things differently, change my perspectives as far as my leadership is concerned".

"From the first lesson I am able to retain alot that will help me stand firm in my leadership, it revolved arround why leaders fail and this affects me directly. I saw in the lessons aspects that touch my leadership position, it will not only help me but leaders in my Bethel field. I trust God that from these lessons we will experience another dimension of leadership in Bethel field.," Bethel Field Youth chairman.

Director of CBC Youth and Student department

The conference served as a spiritual counsel session for most youths in the Cameroon Baptist convention and it is expected that youths leaders in their different capacities who attended the conference, will act as a spring board to educate other youths who may not be of the CBC.

By Ndefru Melanie


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