MP for Bafut/Tubah Constituency
Hon. Agho Oliver

Unlike other Members of Parliament who seldomly visit their Constituencies, Honorable Agho Oliver, MP for Bafut- Tubah constituency has distinguished himself by giving hope to the Administration and Students of PSS Mankon, who suffered arson attacks and are left with a shred structure of their building.

On January 24th, the MP donated 150 roofing sheets to the Presbyterian Secondary School Mankon, to show support in the difficult moments faced in the educational sector in the Northwest Region, faced with a crisis - an armed conflict.

Remains of burnt structure

The female dormitory of P.S.S Mankon went up in flames on Saturday 23rd January 2020 in the later part of the day. An incident that triggered fear in the minds of those who recieved the news later that same day.

Students narrated that "we were having preps when fire engulfed the female dormitory, the army rescue unit was not forthcoming and it took the bravery of the boys to rescue part of our belongings"

Partial view of Girl's Dormitory

Part of the institution is hosting Presbyterian Secondary School Bafut, a plus reason why the MP came to their aid. Apart from this concern, it should be recalled that the MP had offered material and financial support to pupils and students who strived to return to the classrooms, despite the ongoing armed conflict.

"One of our duties is to accompany our population in distress anywhere they find themselves and to ensure that they regain their dormitory and get back to classes, it was important for me to answer the call made by the SDO and the city Mayor of Bamenda" Hon Agho Oliver.

At least 60 girls and 73 boys are directly affected by the two separate fire incidences. The boys dormitory went up in flames on Friday 22nd January 2020.

Items caught in the fire incident

Trunks and other belongings of students

The remains of their beds, trunks, clothes, foods burnt in the fire could be spotted in and out of the dormitory.

Anxious parents lined up in front of the gate of the school but could not gain access into campus as administrative authorities said the situation is under control.

Hon Agho Oliver told the school officials and students that "the state is accompanying them and will do everything to bring the perpetrators to justice"

The SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh did an assessment of the damage incurred and recommended that the Mayor of Bamenda II will see into the construction of the boys dormitory while the Mayor of Bafut will maintain the girls dormitory.

The real cause of the fire is unknown to many and the need to accelerate efforts in the fight for children's education is of top priority, to stakeholders and the administration of the Northwest region.

By Ndefru Melanie

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