NW Mafors Mourn as Death Toll Scale Up

Mafors, together with other elderly mothers of the North West region have again converged at the Bamenda Grand stand to mourn and denounce killings as a result of the Anglophone crisis.

They came from Bambili, Bambui, Nkwen, Mendankwe, Ndu and Akum, to pray, mourn while sending messages to their fellow women and communities, in local languages. An excercise which keeps repeating each time souls are lost.

This happened on Sunday January 24th at the Bamenda Grandstand, Northwest Region, Mothers whailing for Peace while the ongoing crisis takes away souls, ruin lifes, impoverish people and takes the region backwards.

In her exhortation, Rev Caroline Memo urged the various churches to speak out against this scourge which has imposed untold suffering on the people. She warned that by not speaking out, the war is encouraged by the masses themselves.

Mafors and other Mothers term efforts of the CAMTEL GM as good works and to them, they are pleased to see Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi organise the mourning excercises, same as she did on November 4th to mourn the kids killed in Kumba October 24th 2020.

A peaceful March crowned the day, as these women marched at commercial avenue; brandishing placards with messages specially crafted for the context. This exercise done by Mafor Yah Sunday Epouse Achidi is the third since inception.

The event at the grandstand held in the absence of CAMTEL's GM, but the mobilisation and turnout confirmed that the Mafors and Mothers of the region are committed to the course, making their voices heard for a return to normalcy.

By Ndefru Melanie

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