NW Peace Coordinator Recommends Hope Journalism to Redeem Society

CCMN members, Participants

Members of CCMN have been cautioned to take up Hope Journalism, shifting away from traditional reporting in era of the armed conflict, still ongoing in the Northwest region.

This was in a pre-production workshop to gain more knowledge on Peace Journalism reporting, more specifically sharpening skills in humanitarian reporting, vindicating society in new style of reporting.

The workshop held at Church Centre Bamenda, on January 22nd 2021 with participants coming from all divisions of the Northwest region and facilitators from within context, who master and understand safety in a conflict zone, while reporting professionally for the sanity of readers and listeners.

Some participants felt that they have attended several workshops to shape their reporting but felt that something was more perculiar with this one.

"The workshop is not different form what we have had in the past but I learnt something new in humanitarian reporting. One is required to report for change, to trigger positive action to take place. Getting views of authourities on what their plans are in arresting a particular situation", Diganna Raymond, Abakwa fm.

PJ Gilbert engages Participants in Practical Excercise

PJ Gilbert one of the trainers of the day, who talked about Peace Journalism in practice, a critical reflection in Cameroonian case, said the topic is meant to help Journalists reflect and localise the practice of Peace Journalism in their context.

"We look at the actual situation on the ground to analyse and see the various factors that promote or hinder the practice of Peace Journalism and how the Journalists can grapple with and still practice Peace Journalism". Facilitator, Ndasi Gilbert.

"This is part of the Project indicator of the PCC Peace Journalism and conflict transformation project with special focus on humanitarian Reporting. There was need for members of CCMN to get these cues and have better understanding of Peace Journalism orientation so that they can engage in the production of programs in order to provoke humanitarian responses where need be." PJ Gilbert.

Participants in exchanges

Participants are expected to have acquired skills in program production after the training, to produce programs as per the project of the PCC. The Project Manager, Keng Juliet, Regional Peace Coordinator for the Peace office PCC NW, said Hope Journalism is hope for the society given that reporting skills are fine tuned.

Regional Peace Coordinator for the PCC officer,NWR

"The workshop is meant to kickstart the production of Peace Journalism and conflict transformation program which the PCC is executing in partnership with bread for the world. We are using the Journalists, particularly the members of CCMN to execute the project". Regional Peace Coordinator for the Peace office PCC NW.

"We are at the level of production and we hope that programs that will be produced, should reflect humanitarian Reporting, moving away from their traditional way of reporting and give way for hope journalism, produce Programs that will bring hope to the community".
 Keng Juliet

By Ndefru Melanie


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