Journalists Persuade a Change In Story Angles

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In other to take precautions and stay safe while in conflict or crisis hit zones, members of the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN) met to discuss how journalists and media houses can shift the narratives, through a situational analysis approach.

This activity held on Bamenda on July 23rd 2020, as CCMN members made up of journalists, Civil Society Organizations, Communication and Development students, focused on new developments regarding the crisis in the NW region and what media can do to encourage parties in conflict to take on non-violent options for sustainable peace and development.

Rosaline Obah

After facilitating this exercise, North West Regional Coordinator of the CCMN Rosaline Obah added that “every network meeting is an opportunity to do stock taking especially focusing our attention on the role that the media, (CCMN) has played in the socio-political climate in the region".

"One thing is for sure that we don’t just end there but we see how we can go ahead to come up with more recommendations to help tie loose ends and in this case of today, we are going back to see how we can intensify peace actions, positive energy in our reporting, through being solution oriented, people oriented and encouraging reporting that takes care of the common man like we have in the CCMN 90% community 10% media.” Rose Akah Obah, Northwest Regional Coordinator CCMN.

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She remains hopeful that reports from members who are of the Media, will gear towards positive change in order to cause warring parties and the community to tone down on the increasing rate of hatespeech, fakenews, misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

Regional Coordinator PCC Peace Office, Keng Juliette was present to give support to the objective and goal of the project.

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