"Lebialem shall never be left behind", slogan at Lebialem conference

The slogan "Lebialem shall never be left behind" was adopted by sons and daughters of Lebialem who converged at Mountain Hotel Conference hall on Saturday 13 August 2022 for a socio-economic conference.

Convened by Minister Paul Tasong, the conference brought together elected officials, political, community, traditional, religious leaders and elite, with the aim of taking stock of where lebialem is and making a decision of what Lebialem should be in the immediate and long-term period.

"Learning from the concept of community labour, it is important that we learn to take ownership of what is ours. We have to cherish and protect everything that is ours," Minister Paul Tasong.

Created since 1992, the division with headquarters in Menji was experiencing socio-economic growth, until 2016 when development was derailed by the Anglophone Crisis with evidence in the destruction of state and private properties, insecurity and violent extremism, leaving the division in a shadow of itself. 

Sons and daughters of Lebialem were encouraged to hold each other accountable, consider the need to boost the socio-economic condition of their division. 

"Our Division is 30 years old this year. When we look at the statistics in terms of socio-economic development, we are way back. Socio-economic life has degraded beyond the time the division was created. This is unacceptable".

"Secondly, our division continues to be in the news for the bad reasons, we want to put an end to that rhetoric, particularly our divisional headquarters which is a total ghost town. We are going to go back to Menji to chase the rodents and make our capital city lively,’’ Minister Paul Tasong speaking to the Press.

The newly installed mayor of Menji, Nkemasong Nicasius Anunveh was mandated to, in collaboration with other administrators and inhabitants, engage in revamping the division, especailly Menji. 

He told the press that ''Minister Paul Tasong has called on us to take stock of our activities. One thing came out very clear, the non-functionality of Menji which is the Chief town is a show of shame for us in Lebialem. The town is virtually abandoned, particularly the section of administrative services which has grown into bushes". 

"Elite have put their hands together and have enabled the process of clearing Menji. In the days ahead, we will work with community support to clean the town'', the Mayor firm in his words to the press.

Deliberations at the conference led to a series of resolutions to help restore the social cohesion, growth, dignity and cultural identity of the Lebialem people.

"I take home a few things to complement the resolutions of today's work; the need to change the narrative, the absolute and urgent need to play our part while waiting for the government to play its part. Let's never forget that we are the first agents of our own development. The government only comes to complement our efforts,'' Minister Paul Tasong emphasized.

After this conference, it is expected that the dignity of the people of Lebialem will be united on a common goal of peaceful cohabitation and development.

By Nkengafack Eucharia in Buea
Pictures: Eucharia

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