International Youth Day 2022: Cameroon - Diaspora Youths hang- out strengthen ties, echoes recommendations

Holding on Friday August 12th 2022 at the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC) and by videoconference, the objectives of this intergenerational HANG-OUT and the recommendations of this activity were cemented.

Cameroon joined her counterparts on this day to commemorate the 23rd edition of International Youth Day, Inaugurated on December 17, 1999 following an approval by the General Assembly of the United Nations as one of the recommendations of the World Conference of Youth Ministers that held from August 8 to 12, 1998 in Lisbon.

This day was instituted with the aim of popularizing, especially among young people, the World Program of Action for Youth for the year 2000 and beyond. The celebration has become customary, and a moment of reflection on youths and the promotion of its initiatives with a view to increase its contribution to development, regarding its demographic weight and its potential.

The celebration of International Youth Day is therefore an opportunity to capitalize on by the public authorities and their partners, in order to highlight the initiatives carried out in favor of young people and to promote the initiatives carried out by this target group.

Indeed, many actors are deployed in the field of youth supervision without real visibility or synergies within the framework of the interventions. Moreover, the efforts of young people remain barely visible and/or productive, despite the existence of a regulatory framework and measures favorable to their deployment in the field.

Building on the theme of the celebration, "Intergenerational solidarity: creating a world for all ages", the HANG-OUT aimed to facilitate exchanges between young people in order to identify strategies for solving problems concerning them.

In his opening remarks, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou praised the dynamism of Cameroonian youth whose initiatives and actions are visible and impact their communities.

Hats off to the umbrella body of youth movements and associations, the National Youth Council. The mobilization of young people at the national and international level was also welcomed. In his remarks, he reminded young people of their commitments with regard to sustainable development through initiatives that highlight social capital.

"The action of the MINJEC is aligned, contributes in conjunction with other associations to involve the maximum number of young people in development issues" indicated the "youth family doctor".

"Measures have been taken by MINJEC for a constant supervision of young people. These initiatives are numerous and concern young people living in Cameroon as well as those in the diaspora, through the Diaspora and local Youth Joint-venture initiative, but also the Special Youth Triennial Plan and the Youth Connekt Cameroon Programme", MINJEC.

Speaking on the theme of the day, namely "intergenerational solidarity: creating a world for all ages", the member of the government said that this theme invites us to solidarity between generations for the inclusion of all and collective participation in society.


These were given by the young leaders present in the room and online:
-Put an emphasis on mentoring in order to facilitate the integration of young people.
-Link young people to the fate of dependent elderly people
-Pass the baton to the new generation by transmitting knowledge and know-how to the youngest
-Create activities that promote mentoring for development
-Set up at the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education in favor of the Interministerial Media Watch Unit in order to prevent evils affecting young people
-Building trust between the two generations (young and old)
-Implement the sense of belonging and responsibility in the interpretation of laws
-Cultivate love and work well for young people
-Create a climate where the elders have a love of retirement
-Develop the Patriotic spirit and promote mentoring in young people
-Multiply intergenerational meetings to promote a climate of exchanges permanent as palaver trees
-Involve young people in decision-making
-Integrate young people into decision-making bodies at the strategic level in public and private structures
-Create a truly peaceful and intergenerational framework in order to promote equity.

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