Ngaoundere: Accident takes away life, injures many while transporters cautioned on speed

According to eye witness report..
"an impatient young lady's taxi driver who wanted to overtake the truck at all costs, worst would happen just few moments trapped on the other side from the road by another vehicle coming in the opposite direction in a mad dash".

The death of one and two injured persons were registered at the time of this report, while the injured persons were taken to the regional hospital of Adamawa.

Other stories gathered at the scene had it that a bike rider carried over  five young people and was heading same direction where the accident occured.

Transporters have been called by their hierarchy to pay attention to the speed used on the highway, not forgetting to highlight the state of these drivers while driving.

Urban transporters within Adamawa are called to pay attention to how the drive their trucks or taxis, especially on routes that are known for too much traffic.

By Mohamadou Awalou


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