Ngaoundere: Revamping ARA, an association to boost development in Adamawa

Dormant for several years, blocking collective development efforts, the association of nationals of Adamawa relaunched its activities this weekend in Ngaoundéré, planning several events for this year.

Adamawa is seemingly not doing well at levels, it is important to know how best to fit in and support the population in their daily resilience. How to support public authorities in development efforts for the benefit of all populations, was another preoccupation.

How this should happen, mobilized within an apolitical and non-profit regional structure are fundamental concerns to justify the convention of this extraordinary general assembly for the refoundation and restructuring of the association.

Revamping the association and it's activities took place on a weekend at the University of Ngaoundéré with the objective to bond, form a fraternity and solidarity between the sons and daughters of the Adamawa region.

This association is charged to promote the socio-economic and cultural development of the region. The revision and adoption of the texts which organizes the association, has seen the emergence of a new executive office headed by Colonel Bobo Ousmanou who will, among other things, have the mission of making the association more representative.

The pages of the past with essential values ​​of unity, fraternity, solidarity and mutual aid, the Association of Nationals of Adamawa (ARA) has invested itself for three decades to accompany the public authorities and the populations in the quest for development.

It experienced its period of glory until it became a reference association in the northern part of Cameroon, with a flagship of actions taken by the fundamental fathers, some of whom had to preside over its destiny,

Pictures by Brahim Sadjo
By Brahim Sadjo

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