Limbe: National Youth Council extend word to Head of State

It was during the closing ceremony of the evaluation meeting of the National Youth Council of Cameroon (CNJC) of peace caravans, chaired by the Youth affairs minister on August 3rd 2022 in Limbe, that these young people described how satisfied they were.

They showed gratitude for the investiture which led to the election of a young person at the head of the town hall of Limbe.

It is by the performance of the national anthem that this double closing ceremony; evaluation meeting on the caravans of peace and word to the Head of State took place.

"Thank you Mr. Minister for your unfailing support", underlined the CNJC Regional President, mentioning the establishment of Youth Municipal Councillors. "it is a means of elevation and construction of enterprising and autonomous young people", he added.

After a cultural interlude, Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou the National President of the CNJC took the floor to thank the young people of Limbe for their daily mobilization. 

The Limbe city mayor, Paul Ekome Lisombe Mbole Ngale us an example of a young person delegated by the Head of State to spearhead development in that part of Cameroon.

The city mayor received a gift from the National Youth Council of Cameroon. A way for this umbrella body to promote excellence, being an example and a source of inspiration for the construction of many other young people.

"The Cameroonian youth united around the CNJC, in particular the executive office, all the 10 regional executive offices and particularly the South-West regional office, to celebrate and the Head of State HE Paul Biya for having trusted the Youth and having a Secretary General of the National Executive Board of the CNJC who was elected Mayor of the town of Limbe, we are grateful ", President National Youth Council.

The Mayor of the City of Limbe,  Paul Efome LM Ngale did not fail to salute the dynamism and skills of the President of the National Youth Council of Cameroon. Having been a member of this instance, he was molded into it in part. In his remarks, he presented leadership, its principles and its Results

This is a way of asking young people not to stay behind, to get involved in development and the general interest.  

The Minister for his part called on young people to contribute to the preservation of peace, cohesion and dialogue. "These young people must constantly believe in the opportunities offered by the President of the Republic Paul BIYA", MINJEC. 

Pictures; Communication Unit MINJEC

By Ndefru Melanie 

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