Garoua General Hospital is born, a solution to diseases old and new

Specialized in neuroscience, the General Hospital of Garoua is a center of excellence for the management of diseases and conditions of the nervous system as well as psychiatric conditions.

The General Hospital of Garoua is the Health Training which aims to bring together all the disciplines that deal with affections of the nervous system, to put it in simple words. Its projected final organization is structured around four axes.

Surgical conditions; They consist of tumors and malformations of the brain, diseases of the spine and certain Cardiovascular Accidents (CVA). These conditions are treated by neurosurgery

Diseases of the nervous system like Parkinson's disease, Alzeimer, Epilepsy, the large group of strokes as well as medical conditions of the nervous system. The management of these diseases is the responsibility of neurology.

Psychiatric conditions, that come under psychiatry are disorders that affect the behavior of individuals. Classic examples are: depression, addiction, anxiety, phobia, schizophrenia, adjustment or mood or personality disorders and more.

The last axis is that of rehabilitation better known as physiotherapy. In case of language disorders or paralysis that can occur as a result of a stroke and even in case of motor disorders, rehabilitation work is carried out.

For cases of paralysis or motricity disorders, recourse to functional rehabilitation is essential.

The General Hospital of Garoua thus constitutes the highest level of specialization concerning diseases of the brain and spinal column.

Disciplines that were once rare under our skies. And yet, for a few weeks already, the successful neurosurgery operations carried out on around twenty patients attest to the logistical capacities, the address and the great experience of the team of specialists now based in the regional capital of the North.



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