Local Development: Financing farming sector in Ngaoundére, Stakeholders engage farmers

In Ngaoundéré, farming activities was financed in accordance with the religious and cultural beliefs of the applicants.

It is in this perspective that, a synergy action bringing together Minader, Minepia, Acefa, Giz-profina, mobilized themselves in Ngaoundéré and had actors of the agricultural sector of the region assemble at the esplanade of the delegation regional agriculture.

The meeting was supervised by profina (Project for the promotion of agricultural financing) implemented by PCP-Acefa, Giz, Minader and Minepia, a recommendation of the meeting held last June, a form of response to the needy.

The question of how to develop and implement new approaches for promoting agricultural finance became preoccupying. That is why opening a mini fair for networking between Pcp-Acefa customers (Cdt Vina) and Profina partner EMFs in the region became priority.

This was also for the benefit of the departmental technical unit of Vina, a locality in Ngaoundere. Intervening in this geographical area, with a total of 125 participants including one hundred beneficiaries of PCP-Acefa, ten representatives of farmers' organizations, ten councilors from the PCP-Acefa city, two supervisory focal points and two members of the Profina team involved, was ideal.

The regional delegate for agriculture for Adamawa emphasized on the importance of this sector, the groupings of farmers' organizations supported by PCP-Acefa, represents great potential.

This sector is the first employer in the country with 62% of the population, lung of economic development in Cameroon, as it contributes 22%, 9% of the BIP and about 23% of total exports. This therefore describes urgent need to improve access for farmers to financial products and services.

The strategy aims to improve funding by taking into account the cultural and religious realities of the Adamawa region. Before the opening of the Ngaoundéré mini-fair, several workshops were organized by the Promotion of agricultural financing project for agricultural holdings and agro-industrial enterprises in rural areas (Giz/ProFina).

Last June with the participation of the program consolidation and sustainability of support for family and agro-pastoral farms (PCP-Acefa), strong representation in the region was given.

During the work session, experts of public and private administrations, banks, microfinance establishments, representatives of producers, projects and other programs, as well as technical and financial partners, discussed this innovative approach.

In order to have a harmonized understanding for a better strategy, foreseeing harmonized actions in the region allowing a better impact on farms and its production.

Several farmers' organizations are functional but find it difficult to have a working capital allowing them to carry out their activities in an optimal way.

By Ibrahim Katakap in Ngaoundére

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