FEHACU 2022: Featival's 2nd Edition doubles community engagement

The Festival of Heritage Arts and Culture, FEHACU 2022 is slated for December 28th and 29th 2022, under the theme "Reconnecting to our roots, reviving cultural values and enhancing peaceful co-existence for socio-economic empowerment".

Mayor Bamenda III
Fongu Cletus

.. In an interview after press conference 

The dates for the event was announced during a press conference on December 6th in the premises of the Bamenda III Council, Nkwen.

Mayor Fongu Cletus expressed  satisfisfaction with the maiden edition in 2021 and mentioned  that the organizing committee was ready to correct the mistakes made, preparing for the 2nd edition. 

"The essence is to valorize our culture. We will increase the number of traditional groups, involve local musicians, increase exhibitors", Mayor Fongu Cletus. 

Dance groups will increase from 34 to 54 for FEHACU 2022, drawn from Nkwen and Nja, while 14th of Decemeber has been set aside for the Annual pastoral show. An opportunity to have farmers showcase their products. 

Muma Azefor, one of the advisers  to the Fon of Nkwen was present, to confirm the Nkwen Fon's conscent in allowing FEHACU 2022 hold in area of command  He mentioned that some innovations for FEHACU 2022 are Mr/Mrs FEHACU 2022 and a Cultural village; an opportunity to display traditional meals, tell tales. 

"The cultural village will be able to showcase alot of what use to exist in the past that no longer exist now. Showing the kind of food our parents use to eat, the clothes the use to wear and the tales that were often told back then. This is to show our children good examples for them to learn and find all these relevant even in modern times".

Bamenda III council supports inclusion and according to the Mayor, these persons with special needs are members of different committees planning for FEHACU 2022. 

December 9th 2022 is slated to be the date to close entries for registration, with priority given to the cosmopolitan Bamenda III municipality. 

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