NYC Elections: Mekom Samuel takes Command Batton

Mekom Samuel Taleh voted North West Regional President of the Cameroon National Youth Council.

Voted on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 in Bamenda during the regional elections chaired by the Secretary General of the North West governor's office, Georges Magloire Emmanuel Bassilekin, the personal representative of the Governor of the North West region.

Mekom Samuel stood unopposed after the candidacy of Tumenta Peter was disqualified by the electoral commission.Out of 42 votes cast, Mekom Samuel had 39 votes.

Odilia Fri Mbangwie
NW Youth Affairs Delegate declaring the results

Mekom Samuel in his manifesto promised to make sacrifices possible to champion the course and make it possible for youths of the North West region to have a voice in the political and economic opportunities in Cameroon.

He promised to ensure peace and youth empowerment and to make sure that the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction for the youths of the region is evenly distributed to all 7 divisions of the region.

He takes over from Nchia Bertrand and will pilot the affairs of the North West bureau of the Cameroon National Youth Council for three years.

Born on July 17, 1996, in Pinyin, Santa subdivision, Mekom Samuel Taleh is a graduate of H.T.T.T.C Bambili DIPET II in ICT. He is the vice YCPDM section President for Mezam 1A.

As far as his work life is concerned, he is the Director General of SAMSYTECH Company Cameroon, Proprietor of Competence Bilingual Nursery and Primary School, and High School Teacher GTHS Bamenda Nkwen amongst others.

Melvin Shuye Songwe was voted as 1st delegate with 31 votes while Asanga Delphine was voted as 2nd delegate with 5 votes. Both will represent the North West region at the National level.

Bassilikin Magloire Georges, SG at the North West Governor's office who supervised the elections called on those elected to keep personal ego aside and work for the interest of the youth of the region.

The newly elected president, his SG, and the 1st and 2nd delegate will represent the North West region in the national elections in Yaounde.

The Cameroon National Youth Council encourages youth to become active citizens by providing them with opportunities to increase their skills, influence their communities, and learn about governance through direct participation.

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