Local Administration: Bafut Council adopts 2023 budget, prioritizes basic aminities

Mayor Ngwakongho Lawrence
Mayor Bafut Council
(Pic: Observer237)

Bafut Council has adopted a budget balanced in income and revenue at the sum of 1.18billion francs cfa, experiencing an increase of over 130million francs cfa as compared to the 2019 financial year.

Bafut Councilors in session

The session holds on wednesday December 7th 2022, prior to the participation of local authorities, stakeholders in choosing what projects suits their needs, which further explains the increase in the budget for 2022. The budget focuses on the execution of projects like;

-The construction of farm to market roads, municipal roads
-Building bridges
-Providing Electricity
-Assisting less privilidge, IDPs
-Focus of academic infastructures
-Support to farmers for improved farm products

The Mayor of the Bafut Council added that the increase in the projects comes with support from government's investment credit that is at over 300million francs cfa. 

Despite the undulated nature of the socio-political upheaval in the region, Bafut Council made sure over 20 projects were executed in 2022. Some of which are;

- Electrification of Nchum village
- Construction of meat slaps
- Support to vulnerable people
- Building a bridge that links farm to market, over Nikeh stream linking Ntangoh and Nibe
- Opening of Obang Market
- Construction of the Akosia Health centre

These and more made the D.O of Bafut subdivision to express satisfaction over the council's team spirit in ensuring that these projects are implemented and met in time.

It should be noted that before the session, Mayor Ngwakongho Lawrence had ensured that figure heads that represent the 54 villages in Bafut, sit for a follow up on the projects that suit their needs. These was prioritized, following the CDO plan to ensure that 2023 projects were actually people oriented. 


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