Youth Connekt: Labour Minister Opens International Fair, Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Grégoire Owona, representative of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute chaired on December 09, 2022 the opening ceremony of the International Exhibition for the Promotion of Young Entrepreneurship while Commemorating the Youth Connekt Cameroon initiative.

The International Fair for the Promotion of Young Businesses (Siprome-Jeunes) is an initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec), that brought together more than 500 companies working in the fields of agriculture, economy digital, industry and crafts. 

The Siprome is a space for presenting and popularizing the actions and products of the Three-Year Special-Youth Plan (Pts-Jeunes). 

The "Siprome-jeunes" is an ideal framework for the strategy of integrating young businesses through concrete activities whose objectives are to contribute to the promotion of the development of young entrepreneurs.

This is financed by the "Pts-Jeunes"  from the 10 regions and at the same time promote the label "Made in Cameroon". Siprome responds to the questioning of the Head of State regarding youth and the orientations, contributes to the implementation of the national industrialization plan. 

Placed under the High Patronage of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Siprome-Jeunes is taking place this year under the theme “Made in Cameroon and growth of the national economy: Opportunities for Pioneer Villages and Clusters”.

This event was also aimed at showcasing the businesses of young people supported by the government and its development partners.

The Director of the Economic Promotion of Young People and also President of the Organizing Committee of this double ceremony, Abdoul Karim Nassourou underlined the contribution of this International Fair for the Promotion of Young Entrepreneurship in terms of socio-economic integration of young people and their full effective empowerment. 

The Youth Connekt Cameroon initiative was implemented since 2019 to bring sustainable socio-economic integration of young people and their contribution to the work of national construction.

Inspired by the slogan of the 2035 vision: “Emerging Cameroon, One nation..All together", the theme chosen as the ideological pillar of the Siprome 2nd edition, constitutes the declamation of the will of the Cameroonian youths to take its part in the project of emergence of Cameroon. 

This theme is also a challenge to all stakeholders on the role and place of businesses, particularly young people, in the country's development process. Not undermining the involvement and determination of young people to participate fully and relevantly. 

The Siprome Jeunes therefore becomes: a space for expression of the entrepreneurial youth of Cameroon; an opportunity for economic synergies between complementary businesses; a platform for institutions and the government to hold and guide large companies towards the common economic future.

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Grégroire Awono said the organization of the International Fair for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship aims to meet the government's agenda based on the National Development Strategy at the horizon 2030 (SND30). 

He welcomed the results of the implementation of Youth Connekt Cameroon through the Clusters and Pioneer Villages. According to him, the Youth Connekt Cameroon is thus positioned as a platform for contribution and concretization of the national work. To this end, he noted the important contribution of the Civic and Entrepreneurial Moral Rearmament (Reinitiation). Therefore, he reiterated the Government's commitment to provide young people with effective solutions for their socio-economic integration and their full development.


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