At FEHACU 2022: Fon Azehfor III appeals to Government on Reviving Referral Hospital

There has been some level of Cultural awareness since maiden edition of FEHACU, that held November 26th 2021. New innovations like the employment of 5 language teachers employed in some schools in the municipality has been one of the major achievements since the cultural event.

The people of Nkwen have opened their doors to people from other areas taking refuge in Bamenda III, thereby giving an opportunity for these different groups to take part in the festival and showcase their own cultural identity. 

For Nkwen to be a host community and provide all that it needs for it's growing population to well taken care of, the Fon of Nkwen Fon Azehfor III who is also host, has highlighted on the need for proper healthcare and appealed to government.

"We appeal for the resumption on work on the referral hospital, that has been abandoned for years. An institution that can provide quality health care to the people of Bamenda III", Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III.

FEHACU 2022 held on the 28th and 29th of December 2022 at the Nkwen Palace Plaza. It was an arena that saw major innovations for FEHACU's edition, still very inclusive in their strategy and open the event to other communities to identify themselves through Culture. 

Bamilekes, Bakwerians, the Bakossi, Bassa people, others of Yaounde origin, people of Nso, Kom and many others according to the Fon have settled in Bamenda III municipality and now identify themselves through njangi groups, quater development committees, youth and women social groups, without any regard for differences in languages or origin. Inter marriages are common,

Mayor Fonguh Cletus, Bamenda III council has observed the Cultural exhibition displayed at the palace plaza and appreciated the population who have mobilized themselves to embrace their culture. 

"We have gathered with almost double a population for the 2nd edition of FEHACU. Peace is not central to the preservation of culture but essential for the success of a socio political context. We are called to shun tribalism nepotism and all forms of discrimination, while opening our doors to a more cosmopolitan society", Mayor Fonguh Cletus. 

Partners to FEHACU 2022; Ministry of Arts and culture, financial and technical partners; Farmer's house, Edge company, brasseries, Guinness, camtel-blueand others were present to ensure the success of the event and also carry messages of goodwill for more development in Bamenda III.

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